The Concept

Peak Health Club isn’t a gym – step inside the door and you’ll quickly find out why we’re different from any other training facility you’ve been to before. We provide personalised service at a level that has never before been seen in the fitness industry. We do this by following a few key concepts

–  We purposely do not overcrowded so we can provide a one on one service to each client to ensure proper technique, safety and so we can push each participant to a new level.

–  All members are regularly tracked not only with their body composition but also through our Fitness/Strength and Functional Assessment Program. These tests enable us to find where each client’s weakness are so we know how best to train them for maximum results.

–  We have 3 different training areas focusing on a multitude of diverse class styles to keep our clients interested and motivated, keep them improving and their results balanced.

–  We offer unique 30min classes for members who either want to try different class combinations together or to cater the time poor member who is just wanting a full body workout in a short amount of time.

We’re passionate about results and we’re a great community of like-minded people who want to help each other to take their health & fitness to the next level.


In 2002, Jan Pearce the owner, came to the Gold Coast after moving from Sydney where she owned one of the largest Gyms in Australia. Jan had one goal in mind, she was frustrated with her inability to offer her 6000+ members enough service and attention and wanted to create a studio where she knew everyone’s name and the results they wanted to achieve, and could ensure they were cared for properly. Jan opened Peak Pilates and Cycle Studio, a facility that challenged traditional training norms and offered clients a unique exercise experience in a professional, private environment. It was a combination of high energy indoor cycling and the focused structure of Pilates – two very different exercise style but both very beneficial. That was the beginning of the creation of unique hybrid workouts resulting in the formation of the concept of paring different exercise styles together to achieved great results for her clients.

This was the start of a journey that continued with the opening of Peak Health Club in 2015, a 5 star facility with the same objectives in mind: high service, personal attention and small class numbers but now in a larger facility with multiple rooms giving the opportunity to offer a variety of class styles covering all the facets of fitness.

One of the key innovations of the hybrid workout is that each session component runs for a maximum of 30 minutes. The benefits being that not only can at least 2 different training disciplines be incorporated into a 60 minute session, but people who are time-poor have an opportunity to drop in for a quick 30 minute session if they are unable to stay for the full hour.


Peak clients get such amazing results because we track their progress constantly and they are held accountable throughout their fitness journey. Each client is individually cared for from personalised training, meal plans, training scheduling, Body Assessments, Functional Testing and more! Assessments are completed every 12 weeks to keep our clients on track and them improving. We want our members using the facility – consistency is the key in achieving health and fitness goals and maintaining them. The 30min class options not only help to ensure that our member’s training and therefore body is balanced but ensures that their training is consistent.

A short, intense workout that happens regularly is a far better fitness option than a longer workout that happens irregularly. As Jan says, “It’s not the duration of the workout that’s important it’s all about working hard for a short time and then letting your body recover”.

The classes are designed for all fitness levels and all shapes and sizes. From the new mum trying to get fit after pregnancy through to those wanting to be pushed like never before and those rehabilitating from an injury or illness through to the elite level athlete. The small class sizes, variety of equipment available and the expertise of the trainers means that every participant leaves feeling they have had a great workout.

The sessions are unique, taking the best of each training discipline to create a blend that is safe, fun, effective and importantly that gets the results the clients are looking for. No two sessions are every alike.

Peak advocate a healthy lifestyle ethic and actively educates their clients on small, achievable changes. “You don’t have to be great to start – but you have to start to be great.”

“A healthy lifestyle isn’t about building a better body. It’s about building a better life.”

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