Corrective Chiropratic

Corrective chiropractic care involves restructuring the skeletal system through manual and low force techniques. When structure is corrected improvement of function soon follows. We first asses the spine through touch, neurological tests, orthopedic examination and X-Ray to determine the problem.

At Peak Chiropractic we aim to create noticeable postural, functional and neurological change within the body by assessing and correcting the spine first.

Get to know Our lead Chiroprator

Dr. Angelo King is a graduate of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and the University of Otago, gaining Bachelors degrees in Anatomy & Structural Biology and Chiropractic.

Through out his 7 years of study Angelo developed an in-depth understanding of the bodies complex biology, structure and its functional relationship with good health & wellbeing. Since becoming a chiropractor Angelo has worked with a wide range of people from extreme athletes to infant babies and the elderly.

Initial Consultation special NOW $39

  • A FULL HISTORY where you can tell us what’s happening
  • Lifestyle and Trauma Assessment
  • Spinal x-rays if clinically indicated
  • A complete REPORT OF FINDINGS explained to you
  • And RECOMMENDATIONS for care (obligation free)

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